Sales and Service of Motorola Digital Converters

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Motorola DCT2000 Series:

State-of-the-art digital compression technology makes it possible for the Motorola DCT2000 series to provide a wealth of services. Platform versatility allows the Motorola DCT2000 to grow as your home broadband access needs grow. Its 64 and 256 QAM digital processing technology significantly boosts channel capacity while delivering stunningly vivid video and audio. The Motorola DCT2000 can be configured to support real-time, reverse path communications, and uses DigiCipher´┐Ż II, Motorola's award-winning access control and encryption technology. This provides worry-free access to such interactive services as VOD, Internet, e-mail, home shopping and more. The advanced user features and capabilities of the Motorola DCT2000 support a host of new services and provide an unparalleled level of flexibility and control.

* MPEG-2 main level profile video processor
* ATSC standard Dolby Digital´┐Ż (AC-3) audio processor
* ITU standard 64/256 QAM/FEC/enhanced adaptive equalizer
* On-board real-time RF return (256Kbps)
* High-resolution, bitmapped graphics display (2-/4-/8-bit)
* Clear analog channel processing * 54-860MHz tuner
* DES-based encryption/DCII access control
* Digital diagnostics * 2.048Mbps out-of-band data receiver
* Macrovision copy protection
* Wide screen (16 x 9) video support
* 4-line vertical blanking interval pass-through capability (closed caption)
* BTSC stereo decoder
* Full feature access from front panel
* Messaging capabilities